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How Are Companies Getting Their Analytics?

Lately, we’ve been exploring issues related to outsourcing, particularly offshore outsourcing. In today’s economy, numbers talk loudly, and many companies are getting into analytics as a means to evaluate their productivity and viability.

But how are these companies getting their analytics? In the article, “Industry-Specific Analytics: Where Providers Can Differentiate or Disappoint,” the group Horses for Sources explores the importance of analytics as a business activity. They believe that “the capability to [sic] offer these analytical insights and [sic] thought smart governance models is quickly emerging as a major differentiator.”

They continue by arguing that analytics need to be both vertical and horizontal. In their words:

When you’re moving major components of your business and IT administration offshore, you need the capability to get rapid data on your global operations. You’d be amazed at the dearth of information many global firms have over the operations, their employees, their supply chain, their finances etc. Read More>>

However, it’s no longer about having quality “horizontal” analytics.  That’s a given, today, as companies increasingly globalize their processes and business functions.  Industry-specific analytics techniques are now rapidly evolving, while other, more industry-neutral “functional” analytics services are also gaining popularity due to unified business needs. Read More>>

The article makes the case that more and more companies are turning to offshore providers to get their analytics. It states:

The number of service providers offering analytics services from offshore locations has exponentially increased over the last 5 years. Furthermore, the number of companies with a desire to build an analytics practice will easily be double the number of players in the market today. Read More>>

What do you think about the trend to collect analytics from offshore sources? Given the political instability rampant in various parts of the world, is this a wise practice? Share your thoughts with us on our blog.

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