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Can Cloud Computing and Related IT Governance be Outsourced?

One of the biggest moves in the IT industry is toward cloud computing, a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services (such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS], Platform-as-a-Service [PaaS] and Software-as-a-Service [SaaS]) over the Internet. Can the IT governance of cloud computing be successfully outsourced?

In the article, “The Industry Speaks about Cloud, Part IV: Business Leaders Demand Business Transformation Support – Can Providers Gear-Up to Help?,” the thought leaders at Horses for Sources explore cloud computing, IT governance, and related expectations surrounding outsourcing.

They open the article with the statement: “Business leaders want to accelerate to Cloud and half of them expect to rely heavily on third party expertise to help them with governance, change management and business process transformation.” They have surveyed business leaders, and they found that the leaders expect to allocate 30% of their business budgets to cloud computing over the next five years.

The article continues by arguing that the shift to cloud computing is so radical, some companies may resist the change to the point of business failure. Cloud computing is so revolutionary that it will provide a shift in how organizations provide and pay for IT and business services. The article closes with the following statement:

“Business leaders are looking to transform many core businesses processes around Cloud, and show serious intent to make it happen—40% revealed to us how they want support transforming IT and business relationships, and want change management support to make the transformed organization effective. But the eye-opening finding is how critical business leaders view governance capability in achieving a Cloud operating end-state—over 50% of business respondents see governance as critical compared with only 36% of their IT counterparts .” Read More>>

So what are your thoughts on cloud computing? How do you think it will change IT governance? How are your businesses planning to accommodate this radical new paradigm shift? Share your thoughts and ideas on our blog.

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