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CIOs Give Managed IT Services High Marks

The verdict is in, and it is positive. About 90 percent of organizations are satisfied with the managed IT services they are receiving. In a slideshow at CIO Insight, Dennis McCafferty goes over some of the findings of a CompTIA survey on the topic.

The resulting “4th Annual Trends in Managed Services” report indicates that managed services arrangements are either meeting or exceeding cost-savings expectations, and are covering essential needs such as tech troubleshooting, integration and cyber-security. CIOs and other senior IT managers are finding that managed services can provide a number of both strategic and ROI-boosting benefits. “The argument can be made that turning to managed services or other outsourcing [for] basic, day-to-day IT operations will increase operational efficiency and create predictable, recurring costs,” according to the report.

Of the 350 IT and business professionals polled, a whole 49 percent say that IT functions are at least partially outsourced. Another 50 percent say they are considering using outside IT within the next couple years should a reason present itself. A whopping 93 percent believe their outsourcing arrangements meet or exceed their cost-saving expectations. And yet in spite of this, 72 percent of respondents at large companies say their IT staff did not shrink as a result of these measures.

People stay employed, and the business improves.

Is it time to hop on the outsourcing bandwagon? You better believe it! Buy your ticket and view the full slideshow here:

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