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Do You Build or Buy Your Leadership Team?

Because we are building our IT outsourcing business, we are constantly searching the Web for new ideas about outsourcing. And we just might have found it in this article, “Outsourcing your leadership team: build it… or buy it?”

This article is a fascinating look at the decision to either build a leadership team or outsource it. And for you sports fans out there, it compares the building of a good leadership team to the building of a good football team (sorry, it’s British football…rugby to be precise). According to the article, “There are similarities between good companies and good football teams: solid staff employees that consistently make the right decisions at the right time.” Read More>>

The article goes on to list four attributes shared by all managers, regardless of the field:

  • Engender trust among all team members
  • Reinforce directly and indirectly that no one single player is the linchpin of success
  • Promote from within the team ranks, more often than not
  • Empower their team with responsibility and the right to take decisions Read More>>

Its closing paragraph contains the simple statement, “It’s true – great management capability can be bought.  But strong and consistent results cannot.  ” And we agree. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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