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9 Benefits of Outsourcing Project Management

There are ideals, and then there are realistic capabilities. Can the skills of the outsourced project manager live up to the near utopian expectations brought to bear by some businesses? David Cotgreave, writing for, pairs nine organizational needs with the best abilities an outsourced PM has to offer.

1 & 2

Ideal ‘PM as a Service’ Traits

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Tenacity
  • Openness
  • New Ideas
  • Efficiency
  • Elasticity
  • Time and Scope Fit
  • Diversity

Specialization is easily realized through outsourcing. Just because a PM is hired, doesn’t mean he or she will be proficient for each and every project possibility. Aside from specialization, experience will be broader for the outsourced project manager. Not to devalue the culture of your company, but only so much can be experienced within the confines of one company.

3 & 4

A PM for hire will inevitably cut to the chase (without cutting corners). Time is money, and their next project is waiting. Additionally, they’ll want a good review for their next-in-line client. While contracted, salaried staff may get too comfortable and neglect risk. The outsourced PM has no reason to ignore project pitfalls and every reason to out them.

5 – 7

For-hire PMs are pond hoppers. They pick up bits and pieces of new information from different locations, and the culmination of this wanderlust is a penchant for new ideas your business can use. Even better, you can implement their ideas, pay them for their limited time, and kick them to the curb. Love ‘em and lose ‘em! Save money in the process! Like a faucet, the talent can be turned on and off as needed, for as long as needed.

8 & 9

Time is another important factor to consider when comparing the in-house PM to the out-of-house. PMaaS is a great go-to where budgets and resources are spread thin and only a one-shot wonder will do. And lastly, the entire spectrum of project management philosophy can be at your disposal if you know where to look. Mix and match. Source only the best and forget about the rest.

Read the original article here.

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